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    Position Your Heart

    A while ago, I watched this vlog of an unschooling mama who lived in a yurt and had this thing about not washing her hair. She was lying in bed during the early morning, getting some idea out on video, when her daughter walked in. I don’t remember anything about what she was talking about, but I’ll never forget how struck I was by her emotional response to seeing her daughter first thing in the morning. She didn’t shoo her away and ask her to wait until she had finished her thought. When she saw her daughter, her face LIT UP like the sunshine. Like, she literally beamed with joy…

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    Follow. Your. Path.

    Last week, I enjoyed a wonderful afternoon after I dropped my kids off at my parents and got a little pampered at the hair salon. My stylist, Sarah, just opened a brand new salon and we chatted about how she has no trouble dropping everything to accommodate a client’s schedule, yet she struggles to make time for her own personal goals into her day. This led us to motivation and books and I recommended the book Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis. She told me that her friend read that book, and while she liked it, she was also sort of disappointed that Rachel didn’t provide a quick and…

  • Craft the motherhood you want to live. It is yours for the creating. #elevatedmama #unschooling #motherhoodmindset #lovelife
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    Guilty of Crafting a Great Life

    Do you have a favourite day of the week? Most of my life has been lived awaiting the singular magical day of the week that is finally mine. The day that I can stop doing all the stuff I don’t want to do and instead, do whatever I want (which usually meant checking out). Saturday was the glory day. No school, no work, all play, all fun. Becoming a parent has a way of snapping you off that grid, because, well, that magical day off never shows up. For a good number of years, that shift into constant parenthood left me feeling trapped, helpless and desperate most of the time.…

  • Reposition your self beliefs. You are whole. #elevatedmama #whole #growth
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    It’s a few months into 2019 now, but I wanted to share with you the word I selected as my intention for the year because I’ve seen so much value in this gentle word’s ability to reframe my self-image and my motherhood. I’m sure you already know about this practice of choosing a word as your motto for the year, but if you don’t, your word of the year is something that you want to meditate on to help you grow you into the finest version of yourself. It is a word that speaks to you about something you need to work on, something you need to reach for, something…

  • Changing the face of education for the future. An exciting new book about the Acton Academy. #disruptiveeducation #trustingchildren #childlededucation #actonacademy #elevatedmama

    Book Review: Courage to Grow

    Courage to Grow is a book about a new school model that was developed by a husband and wife team from the U.S. about ten years ago. Their school is called The Acton Academy and branches of these schools are now popping up all over the world. About three years ago, The Infinity School opened up in the city I reside in and, being the children’s education nerd I am, I’ve been intrigued by what they were doing since I discovered they were on the scene. While I attended their open house a few weeks ago, the director of the school lent me this book to read over. I couldn’t…

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    A Community Education

    When I decided I would homeschool my kids, one of my greatest fears was going it alone. Not just being alone as a family while all the other children were in school and all the other moms at work, (although that was certainly a concern!) but being the only accessible voice of education for them. I have limited knowledge, experience, and energy and I wanted them to be able to easily draw on a variety of people to ask questions and enrich their minds. I knew one of my goals was to surround them with a community of educators that would come alongside them to guide, inspire and nurture their…

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  • Abolish your feelings of inadequacy! We all start somewhere. #impostersyndrome #insecurity #inadequate

    Feeling Fake While Becoming Who You Want to Be

    While I was studying at university I decided it might be time to get a job that pays a little bit more than minimum wage. These were tough to come by, but a friend of mine – also a violinist, told me she began teaching lessons at a little local music academy and it paid pretty well. I never had a real desire to teach before, but the motivation to make a little money outweighed that. The academy started signing up students for me to take on right away. Before my first week of teaching, I started to panic, thinking “What have I gotten myself into? I’m not a teacher!…

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  • Snuggle up with your kids and dive into a great book. #raisingreaders #bookexploring #favoritekidsbooks
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    Children’s Books We’re Loving

    I don’t need the bitter winter wind blowing outside to encourage me to snuggle up on the couch and dive into some great books with my kids – I love doing that any old time of year. But it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a few extra delicious reads on these super frosty days. Here are some books we’ve really enjoyed together lately. Return by Aaron Becker Book Depository I am a word person, and this book has no words. I honestly didn’t think that I could really enjoy a book without anything to read in it, but this book has completely changed my mind about that. Each page is…

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    25 Million

    I had an awesome dream last night. Our family had received a lottery ticket as a gift and we won 25 million dollars. It was an incredible night – and I didn’t even have to lift my head! The funny thing is, I don’t even recall what we did with the money, but I do recall the feelings associated with being in possession of that much money. It was expansive. It was exciting. It was as though we could do anything, anytime. We were free. Lately, I have been actively trying to stretch my mind into places like this – outside of my regular task-oriented, pragmatic thought processes and everyday…

  • Homeschool for the joy of the learning process. It is a marvellous journey! #unschool #deschool #momnotateacher #homeschoolfreedom
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    Why I’m Retiring as a Homeschool Teacher (but continuing to homeschool my kids!)

    It would be safe to say that one of my highest values is growth. For a growth junkie like myself, watching my young children learn, adapt and develop has been among the most fascinating and exhilarating experiences. A huge part of why I decided to stay at home and teach my children was to be a witness to their discoveries. To get a front row seat to their learning process. I didn’t want to give those precious moments away to someone else simply because my child had reached the school age of four years old. One of the common homeschool questions I get is: “How do you juggle being their…

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